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Raps Spices & Marinades

RAPS is a German based company and supplier of an extensive range of the finest spices, marinades and sauces. RAPS supplies the leading manufacturers of the food and meat processing industries, restaurants, catering, retail and butcher shops.

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Millac Creams

The Millac range of long life creams consist of three products: -

  1. Millac Gold. This versatile non dairy cream can be used for whipping, cooking and pouring, which makes it a perfect “all rounder”.
  2. Millac Dairy Whipping Cream. It can be used in cooking and patisserie, and as a rich, creamy filling for cakes. It has a creamy taste as a result of its high butterfat content and does not split when reduced over high heat.
  3. Roselle Supreme is a slightly sweetened liquid cream alternative, made from milk that looks, tastes and pours like real dairy cream. The butterfat has been removed and replaced with refined vegetable fats, which stabilises the product and gives it better whipping and piping properties. It can be used in hot or cold desserts, cakes and pastries.